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Robi emergency balance code | Get upto 100 Tk

Robi is one of the most popular mobile operator in Bangladesh. They have many more users. Today i am gonna share with you an interesting topic. It is “how to get robi emergency balance and code“.

Robi emergency balance code
Jhotphot balance

Often speaking, our mobile money runs out. Many times when using the internet the balance is gone. Then we got into a lot of trouble.


Then we need money on mobile. But most of the time it is not possible due to various problems.

But no tension. If your are a Robi customer, be cool. You can take robi emergency balance easily.

You can use this balance for your need. Surely, it will be very helpful for you. You can make a call, send sms, voice call, buy intenet pack through this emergency balance.

So, i am sharing this important topic and you are in the right place. Write this article without skip any part.


how to get emergency balance in robi

Common question is how to get emergency balance in robi? You can easily take robi jotphot balance. Just follow those rules below. Find the terms and condition here.

At emergency time, robi will give you upto 100 Tk as emergency balance. So, what are you waiting for?

Short details

  • To get Emergency balance dial *8811*1# or write START and send it to 8811
  • To cancel registration dial *8811*2# or write STOP and send it to 8811
  • check jhotpot balance by dialling *222*16#

Terms and conditions (full details)

  • You must be a robi user
  • You can take maximum 100 Tk as emergency balance.
  • Check your eligibility by dialling *8#
  • Emergency balance code: *123*007#
  • Or, SMS :: Type “START O” send it to 8811.
  • In this offer You can take 12 to 100 Taka as emergency balance
  • You can use this balance as regular balance
  • You can avail to make call,buying internet pack, voice pack etc by this.
  • 10% SD, 15% VAT and 1% surcharge will be applicable.
  • You can use this balance at any time
  • Check balance: *1# or *222#
  • After mobile recharge, emergency balance ammount will be reducted.

Robi emergency balance code

We already mentioned robi emergency balance code above. You have to dial this code to get jhotphot balance. The code is *123*007#. Dial this code to get your own robi jhotphot balance.

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How can I get Robi emergency MB?

Beside account balance, you can take emergency internet balance. Customers can take 25 Robi emergency MB. Validity will be 2 day. To take 25MB dial *8811*11#.

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Some questions and answer

Who can get jhotphot balance?

Any robi user who have low balance can get jhotphot balance.

What is the Emergency balance code?

Robi emergency balance code is *123*007#. You can take emergency balance by this code.

How to check jhotphot balance?

By dialling *222# you can check jhotphot/emergency valance.

How many Taka I can take?

12 to 100 BDT you can take as jhotphot balance.


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