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All sim number check 2020 | GP, Airtel, Robi, Banglalink and Teletalk

Phone number is very important for us. Anyone can communicate with us through it. If we buy a sim we usually forget our sim number. So, the question is how to check GP, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk number?

How to check GP,Airtel, Robi,Banglalink and Teletalk number in just 1 click?
Mobile number check

If we don’t know or forget our own mobile number, we get very trouble. We can’t load money on mobile, we can’t give our to anybody etc.

It is very simple to check own phone number. Today i am gonna teach you how to check your number. So, Let’s begin.

Check mobile number code
Check mobile number code

how to see airtel number

Airtel is a Robi axiata limited’s brand. It is one of the most popular mobile operator in bangladesh. So, many people want to know, how to know airtel number?

So, how to see airtel number? Airtel number checking is very easy. Just dial *2# to know your airtel number.

GP number check

GP is the largest mobile sim company in Bangladesh. They have over a crore of active customers. So, we need to know our gp number.

How to check gp number? To check GP mobile number you need to dial *2#.

teletalk number check

Teletalk is a Government’s mobile operator. It is very useful for various online application.

Though teletalk we can apply for college admissin, rescrutiny result or board challenge etc. We can also check our exam result through it.

Someone can’t check their teletalk mobile number via USSD code. To know your teletalk mobile number please dial *551#.

Robi number check

Robi is the second largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. It is owned by Robi axiata limited. They have two brand named Robi and Airtel.

Thounds of people want to check their robi number. But the can’t. They don’t know the way.

It is so easy to check your robi number. Just simply dial *140*2*4#.

banglalink number check

Banglalink is the 3rd largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. They have million + customers. They need to know their Banglalink number.

So, How to banglalink number? As before, it very simple way to know a Banglalink mobile number. Just dial *511*1# to banglalink number.

Skitto number check

Skitto is a special package of Grameenphone. It has started their service from 2019. At a short time they earn a lot of customers.

They always search for how to know skitto number? For this we also add it to our post. To know your skitto number dial *2#.

Click here to know Detail about skitto sim.

Short list

For your convenience, I share all sim balance knowing code in a chart. I think it will help you a lot. Take your necessary code from the box below.

OperatorChecking code
GP and
CitycellType MDN & send it to 7678


how to check robi number?

Information already given in the post. You can check it by ussd code. It is so easy to check your robi number. Just simply dial *140*2*4#.

how to check airtel number?

Airtel number checking is very easy. Just dial *2# to know your airtel number.

how to check banglalink number?

it very simple way to know a Banglalink mobile number. Just dial *511*1# to banglalink number.

how to check gp number?

To check GP mobile numberyou need to dial *2#.

How to check teletalk number?

To know your teletalk mobile number please dial *551#.

If you face any problem or you need help please contact customer care helpline.

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