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BD Fake NID card maker

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By clicking “Submit” I promised that I don’t use it any illegal activities. If I make any mistake TrickBlogBD is not responsible for this.

Warning: Create fake NID card at your own risk. It will proccess in an external site.

National Identity card is very important for any person. It is an Identity of a man or woman. Every country provides an NID card including Bangladesh. Today we will provide you a fake or Funny BD NID card maker. You can make your own NID can.

Firstly, you can make fake NID card filling up the form above. But please read the whole article first.

BD Fake NID card maker like Zorex NID

Many people search this topic on google such as “fake nid card maker bd apk“. But you don’t need any apk app. For this we have decided to write about it.

Fake bd nid card | fake nid card pic
fake nid card pic

By filling this form you can make a fake Bangladeshi national identity card. But please don’t use it an illegal activities.

Most of the people uses it for verifying facebook account. But we don’t recommend.

How to create an online ID card

This is the full proccess to create a Bangladeshi NID card. Go to our NID card maker form above and fill up all these box’s with correct form.

Your photo should be under 400 kb. You can resize a large image by clicking resize on right corner of this field.

How to use this fake NID card?

If you are a Bangladeshi facebook user and your facebook ID is blocked the Fake NID card is for you.

Many people get blocked from facebook for various purpose. They need to verify their account with NID card.

But are your under 18? Opps! Unluckily you don’t have an NID card. What should you do now?

Don’t worry. You can make a Temporary and Fake NID card by using BD NID card maker tool.

Just input your information and make the card. Print it. Cover it with plastic like national ID card.

Capture photo of this covered card. Submit it to facebook. But don’t use it to harm anyone or any illegal activities.

On the hand, are you older than 18? But don’t have National Identity Card?

Don’t worry. Just go to download an online copy of NID card. But if you don’t have an online ID card then follow the above system.

How do we process your data?

We trickblogbd is very carefull about your data. So we disclose it here. If you click submit you will redirect to a new website. We don’t have controll over them. Please read their privacy policy also.

Disclaimer & Privacy

Bd fake nid card is only provided for fun. Don’t use it for illegal activities. TrickBlogBD is not responsible any kind of illegal activities through this nid card.

After submitting the form you will go to another site. They will proccess your data. Trickblogbd has no control on them. So, we can’t give any guarantee of your privacy. You should be careful about it. Use it at your own risk.

To learn more about our disclaimer and privacy policy you can visit these two pages.

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