How to Feel Better When You Are Missing Him

No matter how much we love our partners, it is impossible to be with them all the time. Be it long-distance relationships, different schedules, or any reason which is keeping you both geographically apart, missing your boyfriend/husband really sucks.

How to Feel Better When You Are Missing Him (Flower)

You can keep reminding them of you by messaging them or sending them flowers through an online florist in delhi, Kolkata, or whatever city you are in. However, the toughest part is to sit alone and craving to be with them. 

Missing your partner is very normal in a relationship and there are ways to connect with them. So, you don’t need to bask in misery and should really do something about it. Spending every hour of every day together can make you sick of each other and having some time apart can be healthy for your relationship.

A relationship is strengthened by staying true to each other without losing track of your own life. So, while it seems very tough, staying away from each other for a while is essential for any relationship to flourish. Here are certain things you can do to feel better whenever you miss him:

  • Letting Him Know
    Whenever you miss your boyfriend/husband being around you, drop him a message to make them smile instantly. Let them know how much you want to see them and hate being away from him. However, do not overdo it. Texting him all the time can make you come out as a nagging partner. Just every once in a while, tell him you miss and talking to him makes you feel better. As mentioned earlier, you can send gifts and flowers to him as well. There are various online portals for sending birthday gifts and Valentine’s Day flower delivery.  If you live abroad, you can even send flowers to India.

  • Pamper Yourself
    As your partner is not around you and you have all the time to yourself, use it for some self-pampering. You deserve all the love, baby. Go for a relaxing spa or do your own at-home pedicure. You can even order in your favorite meal and enjoy your dinner all on your own, under the stars or with a nice-scented candle. While it’s great to love someone with all your heart, it is also important to keep reminding yourself that you deserve to be loved too. Don’t shy away from making yourself feel special. So, wipe those tears away and plan a beautiful day for yourself. And somebody has rightly said, “To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”.

  • Imagining His Presence
    Though this might sound too dramatic, it actually works. Closing your eyes and imagining him around you can be a great way of feeling better when you miss him. Picturing there with you might also help you in sleeping better and dreaming about him. Just try it for real and you will be surprised how nice it feels.

  • Planning Things Ahead
    Instead of feeling miserable in his absence, use the times to plan on what all you will do when you see him the next time. Think about date ideas, or plan on cooking his favorite meals. You can even figure out how you will decorate your space with fresh flowers, candles, and all that he likes for surprising him on his next visit. It will not only aid in keeping you distracted but you will end up doing something productive in the free time.

  • Writing Him Letters
    This is my favorite way of feeling better whenever you miss someone. Writing out will help you in channelizing your overflowing feelings and by the time you reach the end of the letter, you will feel a lot lighter and better. It is not necessary to send the letter to him but it would definitely feel therapeutic after letting your emotions out.

  • Having Fun
    Missing him feels a lot harder when you are all alone and sulking under your blanket. Get a grip of yourself and get all dressed up. Go out and just have fun. Meet your friends, catch-up with an old buddy or just go clubbing all by yourself. You will feel a sense of independence and joy which would lessen the pain of missing him. Also, it would make you realize how amazing you are even when you are not with your partner. You don’t need your significant other all the time to have fun, make memories or feel good about yourself.

  • Working on Your Hobbies
    Getting indulged in your hobbies is another productive way of keeping yourself busy and distracted. Finish that half-read book, plant some fresh flowers & cake delivery in bangalore, get back to knitting that sweater- do whatever it takes to feel better and pass the time in a fruitful way until he returns. Having more fun when he is not around would just make it easier for you to live without his physical presence all the time.

  • Take a Solo Trip
    It might sound drastic and unrealistic, but taking a solo trip can be the best way of feeling better in your partner’s absence. It doesn’t have to be a lavish holiday or a long vacation at the beaches. Just pick a place perfect for a weekend getaway and get going! Have fun, make memories, click loads of pictures and be happy! At the end of the trip, you will have thousands of stories to share with your partner and make sure to make him scroll through all the gorgeous pictures that you would be clicking. 
Miss HIm.jpg

Although it is never fun to missing your sweetheart, knowing how to deal with it can help in keeping you sane all the time and will also make your relationship stronger and long-lasting. Because let’s face it, love is not just about holding hands and Valentines Day roses.

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