Speed up site with cloudflare

Many people want to improve website speed. But they don’t know the way. Now i am giving you a way to have it. You can speed up your site using Cloudflare. Also you can optimize your loading time SEO.

Speed up your website using cloudflare
Speed up your website using cloudflare

Create an account on Cloudflare

Firstly, go to Cloudflare for sign up. Sign up by giving your email and new password. After creating account, log in to cloudflare.

Create new account on Cloudflare

After log in, click add a site. Then type your site domain name. Then click add site. Secondly, click on Next.

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site to cloudflare

Then, select your plan. You can select free plan. Then confirm your plan. After adding site, you can get dns setting page.

Cloudflare dns record

Then click continue. Now, you have to change your dns nameserver where you register your domain. Here my cloudflare name server are…..

  • dawn.ns.cloudflare.com
  • paul.ns.cloudflare.com

After changing nameserver it will take some time to update. So, you have to wait ( probably 24-48 hours, or luckily 1-5 minutes ).

Cloudflare dns
Cloudflare dns settings

After changing nameserver, click continue. After your nameserver updating your will be approved. Then you can set your fre SSL on your site.

By adding your site, you can speed up your site. Now, cloudflare is caching site and give better loading time performance.

Speed up site with cloudflare and optimize load time

You need to optimize your website load time for seo. Cloudflare will help you to do this. It helps you to optimize your loading time. So, you can trust cloudflare yo speed up your site.

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