How to make SEO friendly blog post?

SEO friendly post is very important for any blog or site. It is a big source of visitor. If a site not have any SEO friendly post on their page, they don’t get visitors from search result. So, everyone should have SEO post.

SEO friendly blog post
SEO friendly blog post

how to optimize blog posts for seo

There are many way to make optimize blog post. Here, i give you some of them.

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Give a suitable title for your article

At first, try to give a suitable and attractive title for your blog post. It helps people to understand about your whole post. An seo friendly article must have an attractive title. Then, Try to take your article length 40-55 letter for best search result visitor.

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Give more information to make SEO friendly blog post

It is very important for a blog post. Give more information to your post. It helps to rank your post. So, try to write more than 300 words in your optimize article. As a result, you get more rangking on search results.

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Research your keyword

Research your keyword. So, you get more raleted keywords. Put theme into your article. It gives your article a search rangking power. So, try it.

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Write short paragraph and short sentence

Firstly, Write your paragraph short. Secondly, make your sentence short. It helps the visitor to read the article properly. It gives a nice look to your article. Search engine gives a great value to it.

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Optimize your image to get more search visitor

Give some picture to your post. Then, give theme some alternative text. So that, search engine can understand what about tge picture is. As a result, your post will get more search traffic by image.

image seo alt text
image seo alt text

Give headtag to make seo friendly post

To make SEO friendly blog post give some headtag to your post. It givesthe article a nice look. At the same time, it give youa better search visitor. is bangla blog. Some english content also posted on it. You can visit here everyday to learn something special.

Use yoast seo plugin

Are you a wordpress user? If your answer is yes, i will recommend you to use yoast seo plugin. It is very powerful seo tools fir webmasters. Yoast is tge best seo plugin for wordpress.

yoast seo plugin to make SEO friendly blog post
yoast seo plugin to make SEO friendly blog post

It tells the writter about post seo. By yoast you can set you focus keyword. It gives you about mistake of your post. It also give you suggestion to make seo friendly blog post. So, Don’t forget to use it.

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