MD Habibur Rahman the CEO of TrickBlogBD

MD Habibur Rahman

MD Habibur Rahman is the Owner, Founder and CEO of and an Ex teacher at a KG school (Kindergarten) named Shaktola Al Amin Junior School. His nickname is Kawser.

Habibur Rahman is a student of mathematics at National University. His favourite subject is mathematics. His favourite hobby is blogging.

MD Habibur Rahman Habib (kawser)

Founder and CEO of TrickBlogBD

Trickblogbd is a popular bangla blog. It is created on 17th January 2019. He create this blog for sharing his knowledge to everyone. He believes that “Everyone should valuable inside him”.

So he gives the opportunity to everyone to share their knowledge on TrickBlogBD. For this, Anyone can share his knowledge on TrickBlogBD.

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