Teletalk balance check | Taka, MB & SMS

Teletalk is the less used than other sim card in Bangladesh. But it has a lot of users. Today, we will learn about Teletalk balance check and it’s code. It is included SIM Taka, MB, SMS & Talktime balance.

Teletalk balance check | Taka, MB & SMS

Teletalk mobile balance check

This is the first question, “How to check my teletalk balance?”

No problem. TrickBlogBD is here to give you the instruction. Just dial *152# to know you mobile balance.

You will see your mobile balance taka.

Teletalk sms balance check code

No need to dial another code here. By dialling *152# you can know about your sms balance.

Data balance check code

Next, we can think a day without internet. For this Mobile internet is our first choice. Teletalk have a lot of internet packs.

After using MB, we need check our internet balance. For this, go to your message option. Type U and send to 111.

Soon, you will get an sms about your current internet packs and balance.

Bonus balance check code

Don’t worry about your bonus packbs balance. Just dial *152#. You will notify via a confirmation sms within a short time.

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Know your package

To know about your current package you need to send an sms. Go to your message option. Type P and send to 154.

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