Top 4 Design Factors Vital for Maximum Visibility for an Ecommerce Portal

e-commerce success factors

Nowadays, ecommerce has turned websites as a tool that must be used by companies. To have a physical location is longer that much important for companies as online presence is what they must look for. Designing a website is not merely a formality or because most of your competitors are doing it. It is an e-commerce success factors. It is for the sake of how to make things work in your favor as there are a host of factors that are in your favor. 

e-commerce success factors | design factor
e-commerce success factors

The design of websites now must be able to catch the attention of the visitors in a flash. Just a few exceptions a newsletter, for example, most aspects need to be flashy as well as functional. For websites, especially offering ecommerce services to its visitors, the design can get them lots of potential customers. This is because the design can get the attention of anyone going through it. 

So, in essence, every visitor on a website is a potential customer, and companies need to offer them everything related to design for best results. Trends are something that you need to keep in mind for best results as it is what most of the websites tend to follow. And which type of design, pattern, and layout is in vogue. 

Starting a Business in Dubai 

Starting a business in Dubai can be a great advantage for businesses, but there are enough barriers or factors that can make things difficult for you. One of them is how you use your design to its advantage, and that’s where you need to get the assistance of a website design dubai firm for the best results. There are several such trends currently used by businesses. To find out which ones are suitable for your particular businesses or products in question is what they need to know. 

The following are the top 4 design trends that can make an ecommerce website to get maximum visitors high chance of rampant sales that virtually every company looks forward to. 

1. Rich Color Schemes for Great Results

The landscape for web design has changed drastically in the last few years. We all like to see websites with vibrant colors, and there are a host of features that make a website tick in our minds. If you like blue color of a website and think that you can use a different hue of it to make your website also look cool, this is not the case. While in individual cases it can be true, overall you need to think of ways to apply color schemes in a professional way rather than just changing hues.  

Vibrant colors can attract a market segment, like teenagers and young adults. But the right use of colors and hues is what companies look forward to. The role of a designer here is of great importance as he can stamp his authority on websites. But not just anything can work for a professional website. As a website owner, your decision can increase or drastically decrease your chances to succeed. That’s why using rich color schemes that complement your products well is the way to go. 

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2. Apt Typography for all the Success

Style, font size, and headings concerning all the text that is present on a website are what typography is all about. One can think of typography not much important when it is compared to the overall design and layout of a website, but it is not correct. Apart from the design, the next thing every one of us notices is the written text and how it is presented. Although simple text can also make a mark through the use of headings, you need to think of creative ways to come up with a text and headings to offer exceptional content for your website. 

A heading can be instrumental in making a person go to the desired page or is inclined to buy a product. That’s what cool and effective typography is all about. A bold heading, on the other hand, can offer a good impact on the visitors who are looking for a product but will only be inclined if they like the typography very much. You can weave magic for a product through aptly defining it. So, it is vital for a company to make this happen.

3. Asymmetry

We all know how to navigate through a website as the top of the page is used for navigating through the website, scrolling down a web page to read the complete page, and colored buttons for highlighting an important link. But some experiment in this concern is what you need to make things spicier for the visitors of your website. 

Designers need to experiment with the design to come up with some great changes and asymmetrical balance to attract a visitor to no end. You need an expert’s touch here for best results in this concern. 

4. Experimental Animation and Video

Animation can make a website look attractive, and while getting the message across is enhanced. The animation should be in just the right amount as overdoing it will give the impression of an amateurish website. For a professional website, you need to think of how to offer exceptional content related to animation and video to make things happen.

Video content is now a norm with short 10-30 seconds found everywhere, especially on social media platforms and apps like Facebook and Instagram. It is the apt use of the content that will make your ecommerce portal one of the most liked websites among your target market. The hottest trends for the year 2020 and beyond are discussed here so that you can incorporate them into your website. 

Final Word

All of us know that there are many factors for a winning website. But we tend to forget or relegate it to the back seat. The 4 of them mentioned here are one of the most important ones that can make or break the design of a website. 

If you think that this list should have some more factors discussed or I have not explained a particular factor clearly, you are more than welcome to raise your voice. Please use the comments section below for any query, too, that you have in mind.

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