Airtel internet settings BD for highest speed 2023

Airtel is one of the fastest mobile internet service provider in Bangladesh. But many of the users don’t know about airtel internet settings bd.

Internet settings is very important for mobile internet users. But many of them don’t know this. So they have faces many problem like data connection problem, low speed etc.

Today we will learn about internet settings for airtel only.

Airtel internet settings for BD

You can set internet APN by 2 ways. First, dialling number or auto setting & second is manual setting.

We will describe all way to settings airtel internet. This will help you to have a better internet connection & speed.

Auto setting or dialling number

To get airtel auto internet settings just dial *121*3*7*1# . This is the airtel internet settings code for bangladesh. Well, after a short time you will get auto settings. Just save it.

Problem: Every auto internet settings code has a problem. Maximum mobile phone support auto settings. But some mobile phone doesn’t support this system.

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Those who have this problem, don’t worry! We recommend you to go for manual internet setting.

We recommend everyone to set manually their Internet Access Point Name (APN).

Manual settings (recommended)

We recommend manual internet settings. For airtel you need to follow those steps mentioned below.

In short, Go to Settings -> More ->Mobile Network/Cellular network -> Access point Names -> + ( to add)>add Name as “airtel internet ->add APN as ” internet” ->Save it ->Select the new APN ->Switch off your phone for 15 minutes then restart ->Done

Airtel internet settings BD
Full steps on Picture

In details: If you can’t understand follow the full steps from below.

Step 1: Go to your mobile’s settings option. Then follow step 2.

Step 2: Scroll down. Find the option named More. Click on it.

Step 2: Just scroll down. You will find an option named mobile network or cellular network. Just click on it.

Step 3: Click on Access Point Name.

Step 4: This is APNs page. You will find your manual settings here. Just click on plus button (+) from the top right corner to add new APN.

Step 5: On Name box just wtite airtel internet and on APN box write internet (use only small letters). See the screenshot above for better understand.

Then click three dot manu button from top right corner. Simply click Save. Then go to the APNs page.

Step 6: From APN list just select your new APN named airtel internet. Switch off your phone for 15 minutes then restart. Now, It is ready to use internet data.

If you face any problem just comment below. To get immediate support just call to airtel customer care helpline.

Thank you everyone for reading this article. You can use 2g/3g/4g and all kinds of internet service throw this settings. Happy journey with airtel internet.

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