Teletalk internet package 2021 | 4G internet offer

Teletalk is a Government-owned mobile operator in Bangladesh. But it is one of the backward operators. However, teletalk internet package and offer are astonishing and attractive.

Today we will discuss about some attractive teletalk net package. These packages are 4g and 3g pack. Let’s begin.

Teletalk internet package and offer
Teletalk internet package and offer

Teletalk internet package offer

Find here the latest teletalk internet package offer. We try to update this page with latest internet offer. So, you can bookmark this page to get latest teletalk net packages.

1gb at 23 Taka

Amazing teletalk net offer is 1gb pack. Price only 23 Taka. Validity 7 days.

  • Volume: 1gb
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Price: 23 Taka
  • Active code: *111*611#
  • Recharge to active: 23 Taka

2gb at 85 Taka

Teletalk gives their customers 2gb awesome package. Validity 30 days. Price only 85 BDT.

  • Volume: 2gb
  • Validity: 30 days/ 1 month
  • Price: 85 Taka
  • Active code: *111*85#
  • Recharge amount to active: 85 Taka

3gb at 63 Taka

Another teletalk net package is 3gb. Validity 10 days. Price only 63 Taka.

  • Volume: 3gb
  • Validity: 10 days
  • Price: 63 taka
  • Activatiom ussd code: *111*63#
  • Recharge to active: 63 taka

10gb at 198 Taka

10gb teletalk net offer is just wow. Validity 15 days. Price 198 Taka.

  • Volume: 10gb
  • Validity: 15 days
  • Price: 198 taka
  • Activatiom ussd code: *111*198#
  • Recharge to active: 198 taka

Chart of all packages

Volume & PriceValidityUSSD  ActivationRecharge to Activate
1GB @Tk.237 Days*111*611#Tk.23
1GB @Tk.4630 Days*111*46#Tk.46
2GB @Tk.8530 Days*111*85#Tk.85
3GB @Tk.6310 Days*111*63#Tk.63
5GB @Tk.9710 Days*111*97#Tk.97
10GB @Tk.19815 Days*111*198#Tk.198

If you don’t see the chart please click to see non amp version.

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Teletalk regular internet package

Volume & PriceValidityUSSD ActivationRecharge to Activate
60 MB @ Tk.93 Days*111*501#Tk.9
3 GB @ Tk.333 Days*111*33#Tk.33
250 MB @ Tk.247 Days*111*503#Tk.24
500 MB @ Tk.3910 Days*111*513#Tk.39
2.5 GB @ Tk.7810 Days*111*511#Tk.78
3 GB @ Tk.20130 Days*111*531#Tk.201
5 GB @ Tk.30130 Days*111*532#Tk.301
8 GB @ Tk.39130 Days*111*533#Tk.391
10 GB @ Tk.44530 Days*111*550#Tk.445
15 GB @ Tk.64930 Days*111*551#Tk.649
20 GB @ Tk.84930 Days*111*552#Tk.849
30 GB @ Tk.116930 Days*111*553#Tk.1169
45 GB @ Tk.166930 Days*111*554#Tk.1669
65 GB @ Tk.222530 Days*111*555#Tk.2225

For any help you can call to teletalk customer care. Don’t forget to visit TrickBlogBD for more update.

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