Online electricity bill payment by bKash

online electricity bill payment by bKash

We are use electricity for many purposes. Now it is part and parcel of our daily life. But for we have to pay electricity bill. In this article i will tell you how to give online electricity bill payment by bKash.

We are in Bangladesh. Here we pay our electricity bill on bank. We have to stand in line for a long time. But it is too boring. This waste our time. For this reason, many people want to know whether to pay electricity bills in a simple way. So today’s topic is how electricity bills can be made online.

Many people have heard that electricity bills can be paid through bKash. but many people don’t know how to pay electricity bill on bkash. I will tell you that simple thing today.

bkash electricity bill payment

Electricity bills can be paid in two ways by bKash. The first method is dialing USSD code. The second method is through BKash Mobile App.

USSD code method

Dial *247* first. Secondly select 5 for pay bill option. Thirdly select 1 for electricity. Forthly select 1 for pally bidyut. Fifthly select 2 for pay bill. Sixthly select 1 for input bill A/C number (sms bill A/C from your electricity bill card). Finally give bill month, amount and your bkash pin and confirm. You are done.

online electricity bill payment instructions for bKash
online electricity bill check instructions for bKash
online electricity bill payment from bkash instruction
online electricity bill payment from bkash instruction

electricity bill payment from bkash app

Next Method is bKash app. You can pay your electricity bill from bkash mobile app. first go to your bkash app. Then select pay bill. Secondly select pally bidyut. Thirdly enter your bill A/C number from bill slip. You can find your latest bill. Then Tap to continue. Finally give bkash pin to make online electricity bill payment from bkash.

bkash electricity bill payment charge

If you use the bKash app then you will not be charged any extra money. But if you pay the electricity bill by dialing the USSD code then some extra money will be deducted. But if you are using Teletalk, then dialing USSD code will not cost any extra money. So, lets see the extra paying money list.

Bill (BDT)Extra charge (BDT)

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