Teletalk emergency balance up to 50 Tk

Teletalk is the government-owned sim. Compared to other mobile operators, this is a little behind. But they are taking different steps to go ahead. Teletalk emergency balance service is one of them.

teletalk emergency balance code

They offered their customers upto 50 Taka emergency loan. But how to take emergency balance on teletalk?

It’s very easy. Just follow some steps. Dial emergency balance code. Get your loan on teletak.

teletalk emergency balance code

Just dial *1122#. You are done. Get your available emergency balance ready.

Or, Type “Yes” Send to 1122

The borrowed airtime will be repaid the next time you recharge.

But you can also take exact balance dialing the code given below.

Loan Amount BDTUSSD CodeService Free
TK 10*1122#Free
TK 10*1122*10#TK 0
TK 12*1122*12#1.53 BDT
TK 20*1122*20#2.55 BDT
TK 50*1122*50#6.38 BDT
Check for the subscriber’s
current debt

Eligibility Criteria:

Loan Bands (BDT)Min Days (days)Service fees (excluding VAT+SD+SC) BDTAverage recharge/ Month(BDT)Recovery Attempts
101800160240On recharge
121801.2160240On recharge
201802160240On recharge
301803240340On recharge
501805400400+On recharge

Check banance

Check the Emergency Balance status by dialing *1122# or SMS STATUS to 1122.

What is emergency balance?

Emergency balance is a service that provides emergency loan when customers need balance.

how to take emergency balance in teletalk?

Just follow the steps in this post.

What is the emergency balance code?


Emergency balance for other sim

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